Just Human Brain Problems

Vacation is just about over. To be fair, it wasn’t entirely a vacation. I requested a week off because I had a vasectomy scheduled on Monday. For what it’s worth, everything went fine down there. It seems to have healed up with no complications.

I’ve chosen this final day of vacation, after finally feeling confident that I can lift some things, to get some work done around the house. It’s primarily pet related work, such as seriously cleaning the litter boxes and washing the dog. I figured I’d get all the laundry caught up too and perhaps actually sort it out this time around.

The thought of getting things done feels terrible, whereas the act of getting things done feels pretty good most of the time. Sure, I need to remember to take breaks or I tend to exhaust myself quickly, but watching the conditions of my life improve before my eyes is satisfying.

This is a realization I’ve had countless times, and not once has it made it easier to start. Do you know what else is satisfying? Video games, YouTube videos, random internet journeys, among other immediately accessible things. I don’t have to put effort into pleasing my brain.

Of course it’s possible that the cleaning is more fulfilling, but I’m not sure how my brain weighs the value of these things in its split second decision making. Overriding that impulse is an additional effort in itself, which makes the entire matter only the more complicated.

I think the problem might be having a human brain at all. I don’t know how much better it might be to have a cat brain or a bird brain, but perhaps somebody should figure that out.

Where are you when we truly need you, science?